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Hazel Crest Park District - Administrative Building


Playground Facilities

Playgrounds/ tot-lots are primarily intended to serve children in the immediate surrounding area on a walk-in basis. Typical service radius is about 1/4 mile and the desirable size is 1/2 to one acre. These parks typically include playground apparatus, multi-uuse play areas and seating areas.
  • Commissioners Park Playlot

  • Oak Hill East

  • Stonehollow Park

  • Lions Park

  • Tri-High Park

  • Chateau Park

  • Robert Frost

The Hazel Crest Park District has playgrounds/tot-lots with play equipment and grass multi-use areas. Three are located at elementary schools.

Community Center / Administrative Building(2600 W. 171st Street)

The Community Center/Administrative Building is located within Commissioners Park. This single story building was built in 1986 and expanded in the 1990's. the Center contains approximately 15,000 square foot. The Park District Administrative offices are located in this building. It has space for:
  • Recreational and Educational Activities

  • Private Party Rentals

  • Fitness Center

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Kids Corner Before and After School Program

  • Locker Rooms

  • Kitchen

  • Restrooms

  • Concession Areas

  • A Parking Lot that can accomodate cars for most major events.

Recreation Facilities (2801 W. 170th Street)

This facility is located within Oak Hill Park East. It has space for most active sports such as baseball, softball, basketball, tennis and volleyball as well as indoor walking in colder months. The facility also has a concession area, water fountains, vending machines, and restrooms.
The Athletic and Recreation Department Offices are now located in this building.

Fitness Center Facility

An indoor fitness facility is in the Community Center located at 2600 W. 171st Street. This facility has a variety of exercise machines to fit the needs of the community.

Maintenance Facility (2500 W. 169th Street)

This building is located at the south end of the Setnes Sports Complex. The Parks and Maintenance Department is located in this facility. It also contains equipment and vehicle storage.



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